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Re-designing your Living Room? You Need This Room Hack

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Lighting, function, flow, furniture, size, cables, there is so much to think about when redesigning for a perfect living room.

And rarely in design does an option pop up that literally ticks all of the boxes and serves everyone's needs.

So when a gift horse does come along, it's best not to stare it in the mouth for too long.


Have come about in more modern times, they can be installed on a new wall or retrofitted into an old chimney stack. They are a perfect solution, they hide ugly cables and give the room a minimalist feel whilst offering featural diversity.

For organised people, a media wall provides excellent storage space and for the rest of us a place where things can quickly be moved from view. (Providing you add cupboards) They streamline a room, provide a main feature and make the most out of a vertical space that is typically used for a large mirror or picture that only sits and gathers dust.

I love building media walls, each one is different and tailored to the customer's needs. Below is an example of one I completed recently, hopefully, it provide you with ideas and inspiration about how you can make the most out of your space.

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Media Wall Continued...

Glen and Katie called me into price up for a media wall and flooring, which expanded into internal doors, illuminated architrave and more. Like most people who have gotten to the ‘get quotes’ phase, they already had a good idea of what they wanted. The first job then is to give me enough detail so I can create an accurate picture of their dream home, to allow me to make it come to fruition. After this was achieved I went away and came back with a plan and a price for the job and they were happy to proceed.

First Fix- The Journey Begins

I started by getting in all the timber stud work, forms and framework for ceilings. Then it was time for the electricians and plasterers to come in, and because experience told me my part would not take me a full day I made sure to pack my fishing gear in the van. The weather was warm and overcast, perfect for carp! Time to go and try to get a new personal best. The lakes are peaceful where I fish, I have been going there for years.

I often take on large jobs that require me to work long hours, and even to work away for periods of time. So when I bag a nice local job, that gifts me a fishing opportunity I am always grateful for it.

I do love the challenge of a big job and long runs of work, it enables me to sink myself into my work and gives my team a chance to come together and build their trust and relationships. It also adds a little bit of healthy competition, keeping our working standards high.

"Jobs like this Oak framed double Garage with Dorma keep our joinery skills sharp, build strength and team cohesion."

The electricians pulled the cable for the installation which included the cables for the TV downlighters and LEDs, and once the preparatory work had been completed the Spreads (Plasterers) come to do their work.

Plasters are a funny breed, masters of the wet trade with an eye for detail, and typically riddled with Tennis Elbow.

Plasterers out, a quick mist coat from the painter and it was time for us to go again.

In this job, we completed a beautiful Herring-Bone Floor, Lovely porch doors, illuminated architrave, skirting boards, oak spindles, newel posts, handrails, and internal doors. Floor and wooden fixings I will write about in another blog post. The media wall was finished beautifully with a downlight on either side, large TV central, a fireplace below and log storage bottom left and bottom right. A job well done, and by the way…

I didn't beat my personal best, better luck next time.

If you would like to add an extra dimension to your living space, my name is Ieuan Jones.

I am a Carpentry Specialist which means I am good enough to do any Carpentry job. I would be honoured to have a look at your project and give you a fair price.

All you need to do next is give me a call 07751841105 or fill out the enquiries form at the bottom of the page

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