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How to add six figures onto your house price

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Zero room for error on a job like this! no drawings just hope and prayer but we nailed it!

It is at the top of most people's wish list, a beautiful oak framed double garage. It will make the most humble of places look, well, less humble and more lordly.

Not many people will take on such a large undertaking without a drawing just a few dimensions, and a rough goal of what it will ‘hopefully’ look like.

Well, I do not call myself Carpentry Specialist for anything, time for me to put my big boy pants on and get the job done and live up to the title.

But before we look at the end product for too long, let us go back to the start The client was Francesco, he is an artist come property developer and a very good one at that. He has a serious eye for detail and knows exactly what he is after, so I have to make every cut perfect.

Now, if I am being honest, I have done projects for Francesco before and I have been a little unsure of some of his past ideas pre-project, but post-project they have always come out amazing. That and good faith were all the reassurance I needed going into this project because we have worked well, communicated well, and delivered amazing outcomes in the past. Oh, I forgot to mention, this oak framed garage is a little different. It has a Dorma on the roof and stairs going up the side. (see image above)

Credit: Davison's Mill

The property is in Rhodes-Minnis positioned just over 2 miles South of Stelling-Minnis. Stelling-Minnis is home to a Grade 1 listed ‘Smock Mill’ built in 1866, an 800-year-old Anglican Church, St Mary’s. This ancient acidic grassland is littered with old Oaks and other broadleaf trees, and Gorse, heather and an array of Fungi (including Amanita Mascaria) adorning the ground layer. One of the wonderful parts of working in these old village communities is the characters you meet during a job. In this instance, it was Rodney, who has the farm next door. He would come and tell us stories and if needed give us a helping hand.

Need a Carpenter? why not get in contact now 07751841105

There were 3 main parts to this job

Firstly, the setting out had to be on the button - if that is out the job is hard to get back on track

Secondly, sharp tools, old oak is like rock and a blunt tool can ruin a cut and stand out like a sore thumb

Thirdly, measure and check and triple check everything 5 times, because this material is expensive and we are after perfection.

All in all this project went extremely smoothly which I put down to the peaceful vibes coming from the village, and my superior skill and ability (said with tongue in cheek).

Additional credit has to be given to the lads that did the base, it was spot on. This made the roof go together quite easily.

I love working with tradesmen who care and my team is full of them. The crossed-braced stud work was time-consuming but rewarding and definitely worth it, and the end result looked absolutely fabulous which kept Francesco’s and mine 100% success rate intact.

All in all this wonderful project added character to both the property and the village, time and care were taken to make sure the outcome was one that the client and village deserved.

After spending some time in this lovely historic part of South-East Kent, it was time for this Welshman to say “Ffarwel” to Rodney and Rhodes-Minnis.

And a good job and until next time to Francesco.

If you need any building and carpentry work done, give me a call. I would love to give you a quote. I will not be the cheapest but you will have the best job done for a fair price.

There are contact details below.

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